Jurassic World Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

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New T-Pain “She Knows” (AUDIO)

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Rick Ross Feat. K. Michelle “If They Knew” (VIDEO)

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Waka Flocka’s New Pine Bros Cough Drop Commercial (VIDEO)

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Pi Lwen Ke Zye Roberto Martino T-VICE Interview (VIDEO)

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New Wyclef ft. Avicii “Divine Sorrow” (AUDIO)

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Shaquille O’Neal Kidnaps TMZ Cameraman (COMEDY VIDEO)

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Rick Ross #RossFit Work-Out Plan (VIDEO)

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Inside The “Gay Wing” @ L.A. County Men’s Jail (VIDEO)

An exclusive look inside the Gay Wing of L.A. Men’s Central Jail from Voice
Media Group on Vimeo.The gay wing at Men’s Central Jail is an exceptionally rare, if not unique, subculture, the only environment of its kind in a major U.S. city. MCJ’s gay wing was set up in response to a 1985 ACLU lawsuit, which aimed to protect homosexual inmates from a higher threat of physical violence than heterosexuals faced. But something unexpected has happened. The inmates are safer now, yes. But they’ve surprised everyone, perhaps even themselves, by setting up a small and flourishing society behind bars.


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Milwaukee Man Arrested For Rape Of 101-Year-Old Woman

Antoine D. Pettis, 20, faces nearly 60 years in prison after being charged with burglary, aggravated battery and sexual assault in the Labor Day weekend attack, Milwaukee police said. Pettis said he only planned to steal property, but attacked the woman once he saw her on the bed inside her home on Milwaukee’s north side, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.Pettis allegedly slapped the woman several times, grabbed the victim’s wrists, flipped her on her stomach and sexually assaulted her.


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